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Board of Commissioners



The Board of Commissioners serves as a governing body that determines policies and resolutions of the DHA. The board provides leadership and advocating for public housing, setting policies governing the operations of the local housing agency, adopting operating budgets; and operates within the law and according to HUD regulations, approves decisions that chart the direction of current and future programs and authorizes the actions of the Executive Director and its designees.



The 5–member Board of Commissioners is confirmed by the Douglas Housing Authority council. All commissioners must be residents of Douglas, Georgia, and at least one Commissioner must be a DHA resident. Commissioners serve five-year term.

Ernestine Thomas Clark J.L Veal - Chairman

Board of Commissioners
Ernestine Thomas Clark - Commissioner
LiNetha Munford – Commissioner
Irene Murray - Vice Chairman

Frankie Brockington - Resident Commissioner