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Resident Advisory Board



A Resident Council is an organization of residents that live in the DHA’s developments, that comes together to improve the quality of life, to promote understanding, and cooperation between the residents, in the housing authority and supporting agencies.

The Resident Council Officers serve as the Resident Advisory Board. The current officers are:

  • President/Secretary: – Consuela Styles Merritt
  • Treasurer: Carolyn White


To work for, promote understanding, and cooperation between the residents and the Douglas Housing Authority; To provide residents with the opportunity to participate in the improvement of their neighborhood and their quality of life through educational and recreational programs; To encourage residents to socialize through activities planned and executed.

Any person, who is 18 years old or older, listed on the lease of a said development is automatically a member of the Resident Council and is entitled to one vote.

The officers of the Resident Council shall be the President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Elections are held in November and officers shall serve one-year terms unless reappointed.

Duties of the Officers
President shall preside and see that order is maintained at all meetings. He/She will work closely with all other officers of the Council and the Resident Services Coordinator.

Secretary records the minutes of every meeting.

Treasurer is responsible for all fund receipts and disbursement to the Council.