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Security Department
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Ben Munford – Security Coordinator (912) 327-2409
Evelyn Wilkerson – Security Officer (912) 309-9979

The Housing Authority Security Department strives to make our communities a safe place to live, and a place where our children can enjoy playing outside. If our Security Department and tenants work together as a team then nothing is impossible.

Listed below are some of our Security Department’s Safety Measures:

  • If a tenant(s) notice any kind of Criminal Activity in their area they are asked to first call 911 and then call Security;
  • Tenant(s) are advised not to allow any person(s) or guest(s) in their dwelling unit to partake in any illegal activities;
  • If a tenant(s) are planning to be out of town for a few days, tenant(s) need to notify Security to monitor their apartment;
  • If a tenant(s) are planning on grilling outside, tenant(s) are asked to grill in their back yards;
  • If a tenant(s) have guest(s) according to their lease they are responsible for the actions of their guest(s);
  • If a tenant(s) have guest at their apartment after visitation hours they should notify Security and report their guest to the Management Office the next business day;
  • Tenant(s) agree to park and have their guest(s) park their vehicles and other motorized vehicles in designated parking areas only;
  • Tenant(s) are asked to review the Housing Authority Debarment List periodically to eliminate debarred person(s) from being at their apartment;
  • No unauthorized guest(s) are allowed at a tenant(s) apartment if the tenant(s)  are not home;
  • Tenant(s) are required to obtain an updated parking permit yearly.