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Maintenance Department

The Douglas Housing Authority Maintenance Department will respond to tenant requests between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday. All Maintenance calls are prioritized so that the most urgent are answered first.  

All tenants should report maintenance request to the Maintenance Office: (912) 384-1695 during normal business hours.

Emergency Calls

If you experience an after-hours emergency, please call the Maintenance cell phone: (912) 331-5909.

The DHA on-call Maintenance Mechanic should return your call within minutes.  It is very important for the tenant to provide their name, location, nature of the problem, & a call back number on the voice mail. 

If the emergency is Life Threatening, please call 911 and then call the DHA Security Officer (912) 309-9979 or the DHA Security Coordinator (912) 327-2409.




Mickey Thomas – Maintenance Supervisor

Clifton Bussey – Maintenance Mechanic II
Calvin Wynn – Maintenance Mechanic II

Steve Wilkerson – Maintenance Mechanic I
Timothy Westbrook – Maintenance Mechanic I
Darius Wiley – Maintenance Mechanic I
Morris Fletcher - Maintenance Mechanic I